PROGRAMS Water & Sanitation

Human Value Based Water And Sanitation Education Programme In Schools Of Siddhipur

Project Area: Siddhipur VDC, Lalitpur

Project Duration: June 2006 to Sep 2006

Project Background

Clean Energy Nepal in close collaboration with ENPHO executed” Human Value based Water and Sanitation Education Program” in Schools of Siddhipur starting from 15th June 2006 till end of September 2006.
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education is a learning process through which individuals are aware of their surrounding living environment and acquire knowledge, skills, values and experiences enabling them to act individually and collectively to address present and future water, sanitation and hygienic related problems. Human value based water, sanitation and hygiene education is complementary to value–based education. It is helpful to learn ways of managing water considering its economic, social, environmental, cultural and human value for all its users.
Project Activities:
•    Establishment of Nature Club
•    Human Value Based water and Sanitation Class Series
•    Wall magazine Training Workshop and Competition
•    Poster Competition
•    Field Visit and Report Writing Competition
•    Quiz Competition
Project Outcomes:

  • Environmental activities in schools and community were regularized through establishment of 5 active nature clubs in 5 schools.
  • Consciousness of students were raised so that they acquire knowledge on values of water and   interrelationships between water and life
  • More than 4000 student were made aware of issues related to water, sanitation and hygiene
  • More than 4000 students encouraged for appreciating water in terms of its uses and conservation
  • Water management and hygienic practices developed among student by integrating enjoyment, fun and laughter into learning process
  • Awareness and information on water, sanitation and hygiene disseminated to local community through      students

Project Partners:
1.    Environment and Public Health Organization
2.    Siddhipur Water and Sanitation Consumer’s Organization