PROGRAMS Energy & Climate Change

Building resilience and climate adaptive planning in urban centres of Nepal

Clean Energy Nepal is implementing a project entitled “Building Resilience and Climate Adaptive Planning in Urban Centers of Nepal” in two municipalities of Mid-Western Nepal. The Main objective of the project is; urban centers of Nepal become people-centered and resilient to climate extremes and disasters. The project is being piloted in Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City of Banke district and Birendranager Municipality of Surkhet district. CEN not only serves as a project partner but is a Consortium member since the design of the project concept and assisting technical aspects of the project implementation and deliverables. CEN is implementing the activities of the project that has targeted four major outputs through 8 different milestones throughout the 30 months period starting from May, 2016. Currently we are at the sixth milestone while continuing several activities under previous milestones.CEN is responsible for technical guidance related to activities focusing on climate change, its impacts, adaptation, mitigation, vulnerability and risk assessment and generation of unique concepts of eco-entrepreneurship and community resilience through formation of Women Empowerment Centers (WECs). This project has been so designed that the vulnerable groups and the communities identified through vulnerability assessment conducted in every wards of the municipalities were capacitated and empowered towards eco-entrepreneurship and resilience. The sustainability of the eco-entrepreneurship and business continuity plans has been tied-up with relevant organizations like municipalities, FNCCI and household and small cottage industries, CTEVT etc. It is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Climate Action, No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Resilience Cities etc.

Activities and Services Led by CEN:

  • During the course of the project implementation, CEN has been actively engaged in designing, conducting and facilitating trainings, awareness activities, capacity building, partnership, knowledge generation, dissemination and documentation. CEN has thus completed the following major activities.
  • Conducted Capacity Need Assessment Survey of the municipalities
  • Conducted modular training series on climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
  • Orientation on Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (VRA)
  • Carried out detailed vulnerability assessment on climate change impacts on ward level using IPCC-AR 5 as a base recommended by the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) formulation process.
  • Developed Adaptation plans for municipalities for climate induced disasters and are underway endorsement process by the municipalities
  • Orientation and capacity building trainings to selected enterprises from vulnerable communities on establishing eco-entrepreneurship and concept of green business
  • Developed market linkage through chain entrepreneurship in collaboration with the municipalities and FNCCI to ensure the sustainability of activities post the project period
  • Conducted training and workshop program on Solid Waste Management and Environmental Policy Formulation for the elected people’s representatives from Nepalgunj and Birendranagar and sensitized for the need for effective implementation of such policies for climate adaptive and resilience urban centers
  • Organized several awareness programs, campaigns and demonstrations at communities to educate youths and school children towards environment protection