General Membership

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN); a non-profit, non government organization established in 2000, hereby announces the open call for interested candidates who wants to be a general member of CEN.

CEN leads national efforts in research based education and evidence based advocacy campaigns, public policy recommendations and program implementation on issues related to air pollution, climate change, clean mobility, sustainable energy use and environmental conservation. 

The general membership is open to all professionals, youths, environment activists and individuals who wish to involve and take a part of its regular program, campaigns and research work.

General members (GM) will be invited to participate in campains, annual meetings and other events organized by CEN. GM will regualry receive new publications and regular updates on CEN ativities. GM will be recognized as such on the CEN website and can declare their affiliation with the CEN on their communication materials. GM can join working groups or task Forces, and they can lead task Forces. After fulfilling the eligliblity requirments, GM can also apply to become Board Members and participate in the organization’s governance.

The amount and due date of annual membership fee will be determined by the AGM. The general membership fee of CEN is currently NRs. 500 per year and NRs. 10000 for the lifetime membership.

Membership applications are due by July 31, 2018, to allow time for review before the upcoming AGM to be held on 3rd August 2018. Interested candidates are requested to submit the electronic copy of filled application form to or

Please follow the link for the Application form: