International Clean Air Day 2023

Together for Clean Air: Policy dialogue on local government plan and budget

Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) organized a discussion program to discuss the status of existing municipal policies/action plans and their implementation along with the possible way forward for its effective formulation/implementation towards clean air momentum on the occasion of fourth annual International Day of Clean Air for blue skies, "Together for Clean Air”. Ms. Sanu Maya Maharjan; KMC, Mr. Surendra Lamichhane; Changunarayan, Mr. Ram Mani Ghimire, Chandragiri, Mr. Pradip Amatya and Ms. Subadra Pudasaini; Shankharapur were our panelist for the session.

● To sensitize the stakeholders about the existing municipal policies, plans and budget including the status of implementation.
● To collect the views of the stakeholders addressing the gaps and recommendations toward formulation/implementation of the local policies in the air pollution sector.
● Civil society and media engagement in budget and plan implementation and monitoring
process at municipal level