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Green Discussion on “Forest Management Issues in Federal System”

As guided by constitution of Nepal 2015, Nepal has already proceeded for the new federal structure, this structure consist of the Federation, the State and the Local level. In line with new federal structure, the Council of Ministers has recently passed the detail work plan for forest management. Considering the allocation of the responsibility to the local people, the management of the forest covering larger area will certainly brings complexity, also there will be the verse of the threat towards the gist of the community forest itself.
In this context, Clean Energy Nepal organized a Green Discussion on the topic “Forest Management Issues in Federal System” on Thursday, 4th May 2017 at ENPHO. The main objective of this discussion program was to inform youths about management responsibility and possible complication of forest resources management in new federal system. During the technical session, presenting on “Forest Management Issues in Federal System” resource person Mr. Bhola Bhattarai shared the overview of Forest Management as guided by the Constitution of Nepal 2015. He said “Forestry is an important component in sustainable development approach”. Further he explained about the new arrangements setup by the government and its possible impacts on forestry sector.
Sharing about the unbundling reports where the detail on division of roles and responsibilities of each level of government is explained, he stressed about the possible future consequences on forest resources of Nepal and its impacts on community forestry which is example for the global community. He informed that more than 25,000 community-based forest management groups across the country are directly engaged in managing about 30 per cent of the country's total forest area.
Sharing the achievements and success stories of forest management on the social, environmental and economic aspects of the country, he showed the possible challenges like division of forest area, benefit sharing and conflicts on its management at local level and various other complications that may arise in the future. Meanwhile he raised the major issues of effective forest management at local level, state level and federal level along with the community rights for handling the forest. He said that the change in legal process regarding community forestry in new federal System can bring changes in ownership of Community forest resources, handling of forest resources by the local community and registration & renew of CFUG’s. Further he explained about the role of different stakeholders through campaign, lobbying and advocacy to bring positive changes in forest resource management in federal system. Mr. Bhattarai addressed different queries raised by the participants during the program. 
Over 40 participants from different colleges and universities joined the program. 

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