clean energy nepal



Rajan Thapa
Program Manager, 

Rajan joined CEN as a Climate  Volunteer in 2007. He is a person with intensive knowledge and research capacity in Climate Change, Clean Air and Water and Sanitation sector. He has been continuously working in these sectors for  a decade. Highly energetic, motivated and experienced, he also possesses excellent leadership, program management and development skill. Mr. Thapa is a fellow in FK exchange in Clean Air Asia, Delhi from Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN)/ Clean Energy Nepal (CEN). He is a recognized person in and outside the nation. Mr Thapa had successfully led Nepalese Youth for Climate Action as Network Coordinator and he was declared "Environment Ambassador" of Patan Multiple Campus in 2009. From February 2017 Mr. Thapa is serving as a functional head of the organization and also leading Clean Air Network Nepal as a network Coordinator. 

Dipendra Dongol
Manager, Admin and Finance,

Deependra joined CEN from the year 2011 and has been managing the Administration and Finance department. He has Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Tribhuvan University. He shared his expertise in Bhotebahal Saving and Credit Ltd. before joining Clean Energy Nepal. Mr Dangol is also the founder member of Bhotebahal Youth Club.


Bimal Chettri
Officer, Account,

Bimal joined Clean Energy Nepal in the year 2007 and has been working as Account Officer in Clean Energy Nepal. He has completed his Bachelor’s in Management and is responsible for assisting in fulfilling all the administrative, financial and logistical needs of the organization. He has participated in various trainings and has gained many experiences in accounting and managerial sector.


Damodar Prasad Dhital
Program Officer,

Er. Damodar P Dhital graduated in Environmental Engineering from Kathmandu University in the year 2011. He started his professional career as Research Assistant in Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at the same University in 2011/12. He worked as Environment Office in Sonapur Cements Pvt Ltd, Dang, Nepal for over 2 and half years. He has gained expertise on issues related to environmental and industrial pollution control especially air and noise pollution. He has acquired knowledge in Environment Management System (EMS), Quality Management System (QMS), Solid Waste Management, Air Quality Monitoring and Management, Energy Efficient Housing and Urban Management. Mr Dhital represented CANN/KU as the FK exchange fellow in 2012/13 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Vietnam and later worked as Research Associate in CEN after his return for a year.

Rashmi Maharjan
FK Exchange Fellow, Clean Air and Urban Mobility

Rashmi is a Post Graduate in Environmental Science from Tribhuvan University. She is a FK exchange fellow. She is conducting research in 'Exposure to air pollutants while commuting by motorbike' in Kathmandu. She volunteered in 'Black Carbon Emission from Diesel Generatorin Kathmandu Valley'. She had also assisted in data analysis for the research team of University of Massachusetts, Amherst in investigation of aerosol exposure in the cohort of traffic police in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Shankar Sharma
Program Officer, Energy and Climate Change,

Shankar joined CEN as City Environment Volunteer in 2011. He then worked as the coordiator of Nepalese Youth for Climate Actionn (NYCA) in 2013/14. During his tenure as the coordinator, he organized campaigns and led the network. In  2015, he worked as project officer in a project related to Emergency Response to Earthquake. He also worked during recovery of Earthquake in the position of Project Coordinator in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal till the mid of 2016. Mr Sharma is persuing Master Degree in Environmental Science from Golden Gate International College, affiliated to Tribhuvan University.He is now involved in various projects and research related to Climate Change.


Lal Mani Wagle
Program Officer, Energy and Climate Change,

Lal Mani has joined CEN as City Environment Volunteer in 2011and then worked with NepaleseYouth for Climate Action (NYCA) as a regional coordinator from 2011 to 2014 and policy coordinator from 2014 to 2016. During his tenure, he led different campaigns and coordinates the regional and district chapters of NYCA. He has completed his M. Sc. in Environmental Science from Central Department of Environmental Science, Tribhuvan University. He did his dissertation on "Impact of Land Cover on Water Quality at Shardu Watershed, Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, Nepal. He has engaged on the research project "Science-driven, Community-based Approach to Reducing Glacier Lake" at Everest region. He has a keen interest on Climate Change and Water related issues and familiar with GIS/ Remote sensing technique and R- program.


Prabha Neupane
Program Officer, Clean Air and Urban Mobility,

Prabha has joined CEN as a Program Officer under the Clean Air and Urban Mobility Unit from January, 2018. She is a recent graduate in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University. Prabha is a grantee of Abhishkar Fellowship for the project “Assessment of Air Quality of Kathmandu Valley Using Selective Bioaerosols” by the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition - Nepal (ISET-N). She has also worked as a Chief Editor of the club Nature and Social Concern Society (NSCS) in the year 2016/17. She has been actively participating in several knowledge and experience boosting trainings and seminars and is now eager to employ her strength and skill to best serve CEN.