PROGRAMS Clean Air and Urban Mobility


Air pollution is highly pronounced in the air of Kathmandu Valley and Valley residents have suffered its consequences for a long time. Concerned voices continue to rise from all sectors time and again amidst formulation of policies and actions to address the problem by the Government. However, immediate collective action is highly essential from the government and general public by taking into account the severity of the problem. Clean Energy Nepal has been advocating and campaigning for clean and sustainable environment for all since its establishment. We are now urging everyone including the General Public, Government, Media Persons, Public Figures to take collective action from individual levels to fight against air pollution. Continuing with the 3 rd Edition of MASKMANDU: A Campaign for Clean Air Rights, we will be focusing on the theme “Ma” this year. Ma (म) i.e Me; My Responsibilities to ensure My Clean Air Rights is concerned with everyone rising from their individual levels and contributing to combat the serious battle that air pollution is. Coherent with our slogan “I Love My Lungs” for the event, we aim to promote various “म” activities that can help in improving the air quality few of which are listed below.

This week long Campaign aims to bring together stakeholders from diverse background for a series of silent Protests across the busiest Road Junctions inside the Valley. The campaign will conclude on the 7 th day with a Rally from Bhrikuti Mandap to Ratnapark along with creative demonstration.

Come, let’s act together to fight Air Pollution.