PROGRAMS Clean Air and Urban Mobility

Lung Function Test of School Kids of Kathmandu Valley

Project Area: Kathmandu Valley

Project Duration: June 2007- July 2007

Project Background: 
Clean Energy Nepal on behalf of Clean Air Network Nepal executed a pilot study “Lung Function Test of school kids of Kathmandu Valley” to assess the effect of air pollution on functioning of lungs of children who are exposed and more vulnerable to health impacts associated with enhanced air pollution. The objectives of the study was to assess impacts of air pollution on children’s lung function and to use results for further research, awareness and policy advocacy campaigns. The study was conducted by adopting Spirometry methodology with the help of handheld equipment known as spirometer.

 Project Activities

  • One day TOT program for Volunteers
  • Lung Function test at Schools


Project Outcomes:
•    Altogether 25 college students were trained on spirometry and made aware on the health impacts of air pollution
•     The trained volunteers are very confident to carry out spirometry test by handling spirometer.
•    More than 300 school students and 10 teachers from seven schools gained knowledge on air pollution and its adverse impacts on health.
•    The test was performed to more than 300 school kids.