PROGRAMS Clean Air and Urban Mobility

I Care for Clean Air Campaign

Air pollution of Kathmandu Valley is at its extreme and Clean Energy Nepal felt the dire necessity to raise the profile of its ongoing work on addressing the problem of air pollution by engaging with wider range of stakeholders. Hence, Clean Energy Nepal launched the awareness campaign “I Care for Clean Air” in 2016.

The first phase of the Campaign run from September 2016-May 2017. The main objective of this campaign was to aware and sensitized general public, communities, students about air pollution, its cause and effect and individual effort to reduce air pollution. Awareness campaign was fueled up by media mobilization through weekly FM program “Swocha Hawa Hamro Adhikar”, social media and publication. Activities like; Presentation and Video Documentary Screening Program on Air Pollution, Eco Club Formation, Interschool Letter to the Prime Minister Competition and Inter School Art Competition on Solution to Air Pollution were conducted in the 10 selected schools of Kathmandu Valley so as to raise awareness among students. As a part of Community Awareness Program; Clean Air Rally cum Talk Program where our constitutional right to live in a health and clean environment were demanded and  Drama on Air Pollution entitled ’Causes of Air Pollution and its Solution’ was demonstrated to local communities of Lalitpur. The Clean Air Ambassadors selected for this campaign played key role for its successful completion.

The new federal structure where newly elected local government bodies are at the stage of formulation and implementation of different strategies for air quality management and the government are adding up more air quality monitoring stations and data are coming up, Clean Energy Nepal saw the necessity to sensitize local government, youths and related stakeholders on the importance of data base information in the formulation of policies related to clean air. Hence, I Care for Clean Air Phase –II was started from December, 2017. This Campaign includes different program for youth, local government, stakeholders on the best practices conducted in the USA to air quality management and generation of commitment from the local government officials to formulate the data driven policies. The activities will be conducted in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Funded by: Gophilanthropic Foundation and US Embassy