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A Workshop On “Nepal’s Economy and Electric Vehicles: National Transportation Policy” Held

By Prashanta Khanal

A workshop on "Nepal's Economy and electric vehicles: National Transportation Policy" was organized by National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal on Oct 14 in Teku. The major objective of the workshop was to highlight the benefits of electric vehicles for both sustainable transportation and economy of the country. This workshop also aimed to sensitize concerned government authorities to formulate policies that promote the electric vehicles.

Speaking to the program, Hon. Minister Hemraj Tattel, Ministry of Environment assured to support for promoting the electric vehicles and also coordinate other relevant ministries to remove the taxation of electric vehicles and spare parts. He also advised to build new EVs rather than converted one.

Mr. Umesh Shrestha, SEV presented the history and development of electric vehicles, its benefits and existing policies on EVs. He also highlighted some problems and constraints in policies for further development and promotion of usage of EVs in Nepal. He further presented the environmental and economical benefits compared to motor vehicles using fossil fuels that contribute to air pollution and climate change.

The program was also participated by various resource people from National Planning Commission, Department of Transport Management, Electric Vehicle Association Nepal and Transport Engineers. They also suggested accelerating the usage of EVs that will decrease foreign dependency on imported fuels and check revenues out of the country. They also highlighted and discussed the challenges and difficulties in using EVs  and  converting old vehicles to EVs.

Apart from EVs issues, the resource persons and participants also highlighted the current situation of public transportation, implementation of emission testing and green stickers for combating air pollution in the valley.

The discussion was also made of pollution tax and asked Ministry of Environment to invest the money on promoting electric vehicles. Minister complained that the Ministry of Finance hasn't provided the pollution tax revenue to Ministry of Environment, but assured to work on this in the near future.

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