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Energy & Climate Change

Access to clean and sustainable energy for all people is a prerequisite for a prosperous Nepal. Despite its vast richness in natural resources, Nepal has not been able to harness these in a sustainable manner in order to boost the Nepali economy. Although Nepal has made a negligible contribution towards global warming, climate change is undermining its already weak development efforts. Nepal has an opportunity to adopt a development strategy that depends on clean and sustainable energy, is climate resilient and is accessible to our current and future generations. The Energy and Climate Change Unit in CEN works to promote clean and sustainable energy, climate resilient planning and development through research based advocacy and awareness campaigns. CEN partners with international, national and grassroots level organizations and networks working in energy and climate change issues.

Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative

Project’s broader global objective: to develop tools and track and monitor adaptation finance flows from a multitude of sources down to the local level, Nepal’s country specific objective is: Increasing transparency of financial flows from major ongoing projects in Nepal and informing the establishment of a Climate Change...

Strengthening the role of NSAs to influence climate change negotiations

Strengthening the role of Non State Actors in climate change policy formulation in South Asia and enhancing their capacities to influence global climate change negotiations The project aims to bridge the existing knowledge gap among the major climate change stakeholders in Nepal and facilitate a process of informing, empowering and influencing...