clean energy nepal

Air, the basic component of our atmosphere, is getting polluted day by day. Kathmandu wakes up to an increasing levels of PM 10 and toxic gases, every single morning. With rising population in Kathmandu, the situation is more aggravated by the ever increase number of private vehicles. The air quality of Kathmandu Valley in particular is considered to be the major health threat. In order to address this worsening scenario, CEN is constantly raising issues of air quality and sustainable urban transport, building capacity of stakeholders, initiating collaborations and creating awareness at local and grass root levels.

CEN hosts the secretariat of Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN). CANN was formed in 2004 to forge collaboration and networking among all the relevant stakeholders to tackle the air pollution problem in Nepal. CANN works as a semi-formal network of individuals, experts, national and international nongovernmental organizations, governmental organizations and private sector engaged in clean air sector. It is also working as a local country network of Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), now Clean Air Asia, which is a multi-stakeholder network of institutions and individuals committed to improving air quality management (AQM) in Asian cities.