Cycle city

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Jan 182013

If Kathmandu is pedestrian and cycle-friendly, there’s no need to invest massive resources on roads and mass transit
This article by Prashanta Khanal was published on The Kathmandu Post on JAN 18 2013

Around 30 percent of urban households own bicycles whereas less than 28 percent own private vehicles. In fact, a mere four percent own cars, according to the 2011 National Census Report. However, the planners have overlooked this fact and failed to recognise cycling as an integral part of urban transport planning. The roads are often built only for motor vehicles. With bigger roads and increasing motorisation, the roads have become unsafe for cyclists. A study even shows that the travel mode share of cycles in Kathmandu Valley has dropped from 6.6 percent in 1991 to 1.5 percent in 2011. Continue reading »