Cities for people

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Oct 192012

Highways and elevated expressways are not the right solution to meet the increasing mobility demands of a growing urban population

This article by Prashanta Khanal was published on The Kathmandu post on 19 October, 2012

We live in a city that respects those who ride in cars but not those who walk or cycle. We have been building more space for cars and motorbikes than for people to live in. Streets are often designed and built in a way that ensures the swift movement of vehicles, not people. Already-scarce urban spaces have been turned into parking lots and wider roads for private vehicles, while there is a lack of space for our children to even play and walk around.
No wonder—the way we are building our city is fundamentally flawed. Unless we shift the paradigm of urban development and redesign the city by putting people and sustainability at the centre of development, the urban problems are not going to go anywhere. Continue reading »